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Power Level and Ki rules

Introduction to the System

The Powerlevel and Ki system is your best friend. It tells you how strong you are and how close you are to death. How you use your Power level and Ki is up to no one other than yourself. Although if you decide not to use it, you may lose it. The system of using your Power level is quite simple as long as you remember some cardinal rules.

1. Just because your Powerlevel is lower than someone else, does not mean you will lose. There are skills and items that will help you in the course of a battle.

2. Just because your Powerlevel is higher than someone else, does not mean you will win. There are many skill and items that will make fighting a person hell.

3. Calculating is an important part of the battle. Make sure to think out your move before you act. For example: If Frieza is fighting Goku and Goku has 50,000 Powerlevel, where as Frieza has 45,000, throwing all 50,000 could be a big mistake. Another helpful tip would be that just because you are close to defeating an opponent does not mean to get cocky. If you throw a punch that has too much power, they will use it against you.

You must update you Powerlevel on your profile page every time you get a Powerlevel gain. If you do not, then your Powerlevel will stay at the same number. I will be monitoring Powerlevels. If I feel the need to edit it I will. Do not try and get away with an increase, if you are caught you will be banned.

Fighting System

The fighting system for DBZ:Wishes Come True is completely designed around Powerlevel and Ki. It will tell you when you are dead, weak, losing, healthy, or winning. In this fighting system, the constant is your Powerlevel. Your Powerlevel will never change unless you train. It will never go down in the course of a battle. Your Ki on the other hand will. Not only that, but in order to do an attack you must put Ki into it. When a battle starts your Ki is equal to half of your Powerlevel. If you have 50,000 Powerlevel, guess what, your Ki is 25,000. Though in exchange for an post in which you attack as long as your Ki is greater than or equal to 0 then you can charge your Ki by an amount equal to 1/10 of your powerlevel. The highest amount of Ki that you can have at one time outside of a temporary transformation is equal to your powerlevel. The Reduction to your Ki caused by an opponents attack is equal to the Ki that your opponent used in it. When you are using a temporary transformation your character's upper limit on Ki level gets modified by the same amount as your Ki, meaning if you use two different transformations it will change by the alloted amount in the order in which you use them. An example of using Ki in a battle is:

Frieza jumps in the air firing Ki blasts wildly at his combatant below.
Ki used: 2,500
Ki left: 20,000

A good example of a response would be:

Goku jumps to the side dodging as many Ki blasts as possible but is pounded is the back by a few stray blasts. He quickly retaliates by jumping in the air grabbing Frieza by the tail and throwing him downwards to the ground with great might.
Ki left after Ki blasts: 22,500
Ki used throwing Frieza: 2,500
Ki left: 20,000

You do not have to use Ki when using close combat, though some enjoy. It may not seem like Ki goes into a punch but if you want that punch to be extra strong, put Ki into it. The system pretty much goes by a subtraction basis. If you throw a blast at someone you subtract the number you feel comfortable with. The more you put into the blast the more Ki you and your opponent will lose.

In order to find out when you lose the fight, you should asses this chart:

0+ Ki: you are conscious and able to charge
- Ki: Knocked out (meaning that you have ran out of energy and for the length of time for what would be considered 5 of your posts you are unconscious and unable to do anything at all and your opponent gets to choose whether or not to kill you from there. After your what your fifth post would be you are revived with Ki equal to 1 post of charging)

Fighting Rules

1. You may not turn on God Mode. In more simple words, you cannot say that you win automatically. Example: Frieza shots a beem. He am winnar of the univarce!1111eleven. There will be no destroying of entire races and planets just because you say it in a sentence. You must start a battle telling someone your action, how much Ki used and how much left.

2. You cannot dodge out of nowhere. If I throw a beam with over 9000 Ki at you and you say: I jumps outs oph tha waye and wins, the battle will be ended and there shall be punishment. There will be items that let you dodge, but unless you have them no John Mclane, epic jumping out of an exploding building moves. Which basically means that you can avoid the physical damage but you would still take a reduction in Ki, as if it was used to either dodge or block the hit.

3. Be nice and have fun. If you have any questions please feel free to PM administrators.


Transformations are what make the game easier to be good at. It also can make it unfair. Here are some rules and tips to Transforming.

1. Temporary transformations cannot transform through all of the forms getting the Ki boosts as you transform. You can only get 2 of the Ki boosts from the transformations. That being said you cannot do that all on the same posts. If you transform you cannot transform again for another 5 of your posts. Example:

I attack Phil and transform into Super Saiyan 1
He attacks back
I attack (Turn 1)
He attacks back
I attack (Turn 2)
He attacks back
I attack (Turn 3)
And so on until turn 5. It is probably a better idea to simply go to your top form and then fight it out.

2. Permanent transformations however can be used in sequence in the post. It may seem unfair but the fact is they cannot revert. When you transform during a battle do the same to your Ki that you do to your Powerlevel. If your Ki is lower than your Powerlevel do not go by it. Go by your Ki. Example: Bobs Ki is 10,000 but his PL is 50,000. He transforms and his transformations says to multiply his PL by 2. Do that to both your Ki and PL. You should continue the battle with 20,000 Ki. They stay in that form forever, possibly giving you a chance to come back stronger. Then they have no transformations left.

3. What may not make sense to most is why Permanent transformations get more Powerlevel than temporary. The answer is that they don't. The reason it looks that way is because their Powerlevel is going up permanently while temporary only has Ki going up. The reason for this is that people who transform temporarily get more Powerlevel for the training or battle if they are in a higher form. Make sure to post at the end of a training post or a battle the transformations that your character did. If so you will get a bonus, if not the admin may not read the entire post.

4. When your battle is over your Ki goes back up. So if you fight a new person it goes back up, unless you are fighting 2 or more people at the same time, in that case it stays that way. Also when the battle and you have more Ki than your Powerlevel it goes back down.

5. Post your transformations in your profile so people know what they are getting into.

6. Androids & Humans are the only race that gets to choose in what order that they use permanent transformations every other race however must do it in sequential order in other words a changeling can not go into their 3rd form without using their Second.


1. Should your character Die in battle you do not have to recreate your character or anything like that unless you are in a form that states otherwise. Your character will be sent to King Yemma's office to be judged.

2. After your character is judged you must write up a training role play for your character that will be graded by the staff and they will decide whether or not your character has earned their life back

3. Should your character be in a form that causes you to need to "Re-register" your character just gets Deleted. No you will not have to start at the base power level DRAGON for your new characters race. Your new character's power level will be determined by an agreement between you and an Admin.
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Combat System
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