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PostSubject: Rules   Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 02, 2010 1:30 pm

1. No excessive swearing, don't get me wrong I know it will happen we are all human though we do try to keep these forums clean and user-friendly So please do not have every other word be a swear word.

2. No arguing. If we find an entire thread filled with arguments, we'll delete it and if the same people keep making them they will be banned because everyone will join in and this forum will become Flame Wars Unlimited. Take it to your various messenger services.

3. No arguing with staff. In most cases, their word is final and only a person higher up on the food chain will be able to overturn any decision they make.

4. If you have a problem with staff or another member PM an Admin, we'll try to help fix the problem.

5. No insulting the players. We will allow some "insults" directed towards the players should they be warranted. We do however completely condone insults being fired off between characters.

6. Please speak English and use proper grammar. I will not get upset about simple spelling errors or improper use of punctuation but do your best.

7. Please do not ask for porn, Roms or anything else illegal or above the rating N-17.

8. Please do not interfere in RPs without the permission of the thread's creator or a majority of the threads members.

9. Multiple accounts are allowed as long as your current character has a power Above 200,000

10. Please do not use a text color that will hurt everyone's eyes.

11. Please don't flood the chatbox or staff PM inboxes with requests to view/approve your profile Doing so will prompt us to ignore it until we ROCK feel like approving it. This goes for grading your posts as well.

12. No double posting. Bumping up your topic? After 48 hours it's fine..

13. No multiple topics about the same thing. No-one wants to see four topics about you asking a Staff Member to re-view your profile.

14. Please keep your signatures below 500x150. 500 being the width and 150 is the height. Anything larger than that should be concealed within a spoiler

15. You may be in two seperate topics at one time

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