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 Dragon Ball Rules

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Rules   Dragon Ball Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 02, 2010 12:45 pm

Rules of the Dragonballs

General Rules
  • There are three sets of Dragonballs that one can find and they are The Earth Dragonballs, The Namekian Dragonballs, and The Dark Starred Dragonballs
  • A player may not leave a planet with a Dragonball unless it is a Black Star Dragonball
  • When a player has a full set of Dragonballs they are immune to challenges though until they have obtained the full set they be challenged for any one Dragonball
  • The wishes are reported to the staff and approved by them
  • After the wish is made it is one month real time until they are able to search for them again
  • There are hundreds of Fakes that are scattered across both namek and earth that will read as legitimate according to any device but will not summon THE dragon. Should you collect a Complete set of fakes you shall be granted a 10% pl boost

Search Rules
  • Only one post is necessary to find a dragon ball
  • There is a minimum word count of 1,500 words to find a dragon ball
  • You may only search for one dragon ball in each post
  • Only one person can search for any one dragon ball at any given time
  • Dark Starred Dragon Ball's can not be obtained through the Normal Searching Means
  • After your Search topic is done an admin will see whether or not the one you found is real or not IC you will not know the difference

Challenge Rules
  • Players may challenge one another for any dragon ball they have
  • Challenges must be accepted and are deemed a death match, meaning that one side of the fight will be sent to King Yemma by the end of the fight.
  • By paying 10% of your Ki you may hide any additional dragon ball they have in their possession meaning they have to be searched for again. Also any Dark Starred dragonball hidden this way will be transferred to another planet.

The Dragonballs
Earth Dragonballs
  • Located on Earth
  • Grants 1 Wish

Namekian Dragonballs
  • Located on Namek
  • Grants 3 Wishes
  • Can make the same wish multiple times

Dark Starred Dragonballs
  • Located on any planet
  • No more than 2 can be found on any one planet
  • Grants 1 wish
  • Topic is started by a staff member not and will be carried out with first person to post.

Wish List
This is a list of Wishes that will definitely get approved

Earth+Namekian Dragonballs
  • Increasing your powerlevel by either 20% of your power level or by 50,000 (your choice)
  • Increasing your Zenny by 25% of your own zenny count or 5,000 (your choice)
  • Any 1 Item on the Item list for free
  • Cheapest Technique on list or 1 instantaneous technique learning (Won't have to rp for new tech)

Dark Starred Dragonballs
  • Either an increase of your power level by 20% of the strongest persons power level or by 50% of your own pl as long as you aren't the strongest on the site
  • Increasing your zenny by 25% of the richest person's zenny or by 50% of your own as long as you aren't the richest person on the site
  • Any Item/technique on the list or 3 instantaneous technique learning (won't have to rp for new tech)
  • Kill a character
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Dragon Ball Rules
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